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Empowering Creativity with Bryant Eslava Collaboration

Everbloom, formerly known as Strucc App, has undergone a transformative journey to foster creativity among our users. Central to this evolution was a strategic partnership with renowned viral photographer Bryant Eslava, who became our principal creative collaborator.

Rebranding and Visual Identity

As part of our growth strategy, we rebranded to Everbloom, aligning our identity with the evolving needs of our user community. This included a refreshed visual identity aimed at enhancing resonance and user engagement.

Continued Innovation

We continuously develop new style packs inspired by the most popular Instagram and Snapchat filters curated by Bryant Eslava. This collaboration ensures that our creative tools resonate deeply with users, combining aesthetic appeal with user satisfaction.

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Enhanced Creative Toolkit

Everbloom serves as the ultimate creative toolkit, transforming both pictures and videos into exquisite digital collectibles. Our advanced content editor empowers users to effortlessly customize and modify their content, pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

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Process and Partnership

Throughout our collaboration with Bryant Eslava, we prioritize close cooperation to ensure alignment with both his artistic vision and user preferences. This collaborative approach enriches the creation process, resulting in products that inspire and empower creativity.

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Creative Direction by Erik Sigblad [Co-founder/Head of Design]
Content Creation by Bryant Eslava [Creative Partner]

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