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App Onboarding video

Empowering Creators in the Web3 Era

In response to the burgeoning creator economy, Everbloom has evolved to cater to a new generation of creative entrepreneurs. Beyond influencers and artists, creators are now driving global innovation, reshaping industries traditionally dominated by corporations.

Everbloom website header explainer video
Interactive animation of the NFT minting process

Strategic Evolution

Everbloom embarked on a transformative journey to meet the evolving needs of creators. This included leveraging Web3 technologies to empower users through innovative features.

Introducing Creator Tokens

Everbloom App enables users to invest in YouTube creators through a visually compelling interface. Acquiring a creator’s token offers a stake in future earnings, exclusive benefits, and a voice in their creative endeavors.

Rebranding and Design Direction

Collaborating with 28K Studio for creative direction, Everbloom underwent a comprehensive rebranding. My focus was on crafting a design language that not only navigates the complexities of Web3 but also empowers creative entrepreneurs.

Rebranding • Core concept
Rebranding • Key Visual

Rebranding • Evergrid Layout Use
Product Design • Interactive Animations
Marketing • Out-of-Home Poster
Marketing • Out-of-Home Billboard

Rebranding • Brand Stationery Design
Rebranding • Brand Guidelines

Marketing Materials • Motion Graphics
Everbloom Symbol Animation
Web Design and non-code development

Navigating NFT Adoption

Introducing NFTs posed a challenge due to their novelty and complexity. Despite mainstream attention, understanding and adoption remained barriers. Everbloom aimed to simplify NFT drops, particularly on mobile platforms where content creation thrives, while communicating the value of collecting creators’ NFTs.

Evertickets NFTs
EverPass NFT (V1)
3D Branding Asset. Render by Mike Lamont
Marketing 3D asset for event.
Everbloom NFT Drop. Renders by Mike Lamont.

Brand Development

As the brand guardian, I led the rebranding efforts, including animations and web design. Essential visual components and marketing assets—such as 3D templates (a new feature), NFT brand assets, and video animations—were meticulously designed to integrate functionality with visual appeal, enhancing the user experience.

Feature UI design
3D NFT templates compilation

Crafting 3D NFT Drops

The introduction of 3D NFT drops exemplified our multidimensional design approach. From conceptualization to production management and collaboration with external partners, I ensured a cohesive and user-friendly experience for creators utilizing this innovative feature.

3D templates were meticulously crafted in Blender and exported in .glb format, ensuring seamless compatibility across iOS and Android platforms, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

Art Direction of Mateo & Israel Branded Content
Art Direction of Mateo & Israel Branded Content
Introducing Creators on Social Media
Motion Graphics for social media content

Spotlighting our creators


We committed to celebrating our creators by highlighting their talent in our brand communications. Through strategic showcases on various social media platforms, we amplify their voices and celebrate their contributions to the Everbloom community. This initiative not only enhances their visibility, but also reinforces our dedication to supporting and encouraging creative excellence.


Creative Concept by 28K Studio.
Shots by Mateo Mejia & Israel Torres.
UX/UI by Nicole Hammonds.
Special Renders by Mike Lamont

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