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KeyApp goes beyond simply matching renters to bedrooms. It's a platform designed to foster harmonious co-living experiences for long-term renters. Unlike short-term rental services, KeyApp prioritizes compatibility and shared living spaces.

The platform facilitates a deeper connection between potential flatmates through comprehensive profiles. This allows the algorithm to not only match renters based on location and budget, but also on their living habits, hobbies, and even the intended use of the shared space. KeyApp envisions living spaces as more than just bedrooms; a room could transform into a collaborative workspace, a creative studio, a home gym, or even a dedicated space for music production or photography.

I was responsible for UI design, branding, and motion graphics. The goal was to present an initial product to potential investors, showcasing the platform’s potential and vision.


  • Brand Guidelines: Developed a minimal yet cohesive brand identity to establish a recognizable and appealing visual language for KeyApp.

  • Key Screens: Designed essential screens for both the web platform and mobile app, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience.

  • Promotional Ad: Created a dynamic promotional video to effectively communicate the platform’s value proposition and attract investor interest.

    Despite the promising concept and the comprehensive presentation, the project, commissioned by a founder based in London, unfortunately did not secure the necessary funding to launch.

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