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Empowering Creators with Innovative Video Editing Tools

Strucc app empowers users to create stunning videos and static content directly from their phones using a robust video editor. The app offers a suite of features including music integration, diverse layouts, dynamic filters, and special effects, facilitating seamless editing and instant sharing on social media platforms.

Creation Flow · Product Design
Creation Flow · Product Design & UI

 Style Template release post
Key Achievements

Each month, we release new style template packages featuring innovative features and enhancements. These launches are strategically announced and celebrated on our social media channels.

After a year, we curated a collection of 13 style packs comprising over 100 layouts, filters, and effects. These were meticulously developed from initial concepts to fully integrated features on mobile devices.

Template Style Pack feature examples · Film & Noir Style

Template Style Pack feature examples · VHS & Geek Style

Style template pack creation process
Style template pack creation process
Style template pack creation process
Style template pack creation process

Production Workflow

🔍 Research: Conducted comprehensive studies on current trends and styles in video editing. Created mood boards and selected final scene templates to guide the design and animation process.

🎨 Design: Iteratively crafted scene designs, initially in static images and then transitioned to animated versions using After Effects. Collaborated closely with developers for feedback and approval.

🛠️ Development: Produced and exported visual assets for implementation, constructing JSON script files and conducting iterative check-ins with developers to ensure seamless integration.

📲 Test & Launch: Prepared beta versions for TestFlight, supplied marketing materials for in-app content, and rigorously tested through QA processes before final deployment.

    Motion graphics for social media content
    Landing Page
    Motion graphics for social media conten

    Brand Evolution

    Following extensive UX research and feedback loops, we rebranded from Strucc to Everbloom. This strategic shift aims to broaden our appeal to a diverse community of creators while maintaining our core values and commitment to empowering artistic expression.


    Creative Direction and UX by Erik Sigblad [Co-founder/Head of Design]

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